Analog Sound In The Box

  Modern digital tools are a god sent gift to the producer/engineer. You can edit, EQ, save and recall with ease and 100% precision but there is something about analog that we miss in the box. That euphonic, enjoyable, easy to mix sound, the depth the 3Dness and many other qualities we are all fond … Continued

Top 5 Compressor Plugins

  Our List of the current best compressors on the market for your mixing needs.   01 – Empirical Labs Arousor From the same company that made the hardware Distressor comes Arousor. A plugin version of their aesthetic in compression, a Distressor on steroids in the box. Has a certain quality in its action that … Continued

Top 5 Special Tools

The following list contains tools that we think bring something new to the table and push the boundaries of digital with new concepts but still stay useful and musical. 01 – Oeksound Soothe The make everything natural and smooth tool. A kind of auto dynamic eq for resonances. From vocals, to hihats, to synths and … Continued

Top 5 Mastering EQs

TOP 5 MASTERING EQs – An extensive review on the best eq’s for mastering with tips on how and when to use them. From analog emulations to modern M/S processors this list has you covered. 01 – Brainworx bx_digital V3 The follow up to the successful and industry standard V2. It’s always on our master … Continued

Top 5 Transient Designers

Transient Design has been a staple of mixing for years and continues to be a must as modern mixing techniques require precise sculpting as multi-band dynamic control allows for greater depth in sounds. 1 – Waves TransX Multi Our top pick of the bunch, because it seems to do everything and hit in all the … Continued

Summer – Quick Tips

Tips & Tricks for your summer productions a quick guide to some of our favorite techniques. If you have any questions regarding production feel free to contact us via Twitter @rawloops.

5 Stereo Widening Techniques

Their are many ways to achieve a wide mix and sound, experimenting with all of these different methods for varying elements in your record is important to get a really wide and open sound in your tracks. 1 – Track Duplicating To start things off, we explain arguably the best technique for stereo widening, which … Continued

Quick Tips – November

We have compiled a Quick Tips Info-graph for music producers. If you have any questions regarding production feel free to contact us via Twitter @rawloops.

Artist Interview – ROMAN LINDAU

Music has always coursed through Roman Lindau’s blood. Even if he weren’t the accomplished producer and respected DJ he is today, the German audiophile would still be giving over all his time to the art form. “I’m a music junkie. I need music to live” he states. “For me it’s the elixir of life.” Roman spends his … Continued

Top 5 Mastering Plugins

The gentle art of mastering is an important step in the process of getting your records to sound polished, powerful, and professional. These are some of the must-have tools to do the job and do it well! 1- Brainworx bx_digital V2 Hands down the best M/S EQ on the market to our ears. This EQ … Continued