Deep Melodic House

The modern sound of house, combining groove and strong musical elements. 570+ MBs of arps, synth leads, stabs, percussion, chugging hats, deep bass, and much more.



Tops Loops – 42 hi-hat and top loops ready to set your grooves foundation.

Bass Loops – 20 thumping rhythmic and melodic bass lines.

Percussion Loops – 35 percussion loops from sparse to afro inspired.

Music Loops – 35 arps, stabs, & melodic samples

Beat Loops – 30 song starters.

RAW_Kick Loops – 30 round and deep kick drum loops.

FX Loops – 20 riser and faller fx samples.

Drone Loops – 30 atmospheric and low down fx samples

Vox Loops – 35 chopped and diced vocal loops


ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 123 bpm

242 Total Loops X 579.1 MBs

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