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Analog Drum Hits

Genre Drum Hits
Format WAVs

200 Deep Analog Drum Sounds driven through a top level Analog only FX chain for color, shape and texture. From drum machine hit to modular sounds to organic percussion samples every drum type is covered here. Every sound was carefully sculpted using a high end analog processing chain consisting of a Lynx Conversion, Crane Song STC 8, Millennia NSEQ 2, Custom Built Vari Mu Comp, A Designs Hammer 2 EQ, Electrodyne 2511 EQ.



Kicks – 50 deep & thick kick stompers.

Percs – 50 dark tinged aggressive percussion sounds.

Snares & Claps – 50 snappy & crunchy claps & snare sounds.

HiHats – 50 colored hat samples from open and loose to short and tight.


ALL One-Shots are 24 bit wav files

200 Drum Hit Samples X 52.7 MBs

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